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`Global economic competition creates new challenges. In most cases, the economic and financial aspects take precedence over all other issues

However, it should not be forgotten that man is at the heart of the social system and that too great a cleavage between man and his environment inevitably leads, first of all, to tensions then dysfunctions

Every system has its equilibrium and every equilibrium is, by definition, fragile

Wages which are stagnating, debt which is increasing, loans which are difficult to obtain… are the precursors of demonstrations, strikes, blockages… psychosocial risks (RPS)…

It is not essential to be a soothsayer to foresee that the social movements which, for the moment, take place mainly in the streets, will gradually come closer to businesses, administrations ...

The manager must therefore prepare for disruptions that may occur in his establishment or department

Management is traditionally based on qualitative, quantitative and financial indicators. What about operational staff?

Should the person in charge of an administrative task, or a service, be content to do what has been asked of him?

Should the technician be content to achieve only his objectives?

Does the operator behind his machine have no other added value than the operation he performs?

The movements are cyclical and the methods which have originated themselves in the past are becoming topical again.

In Japanese, " Ho " means " Direction " and " Shin ": " Needles ". The Hoshin deployment , allows to put the “needles”, in the same direction

It is a management method that involves all of the staff while preserving the managerial and decision-making autonomy of the manager.

It allows to :

* Understanding the challenges of a company, a service or a process…

* Emerging the "unsaid" and capitalizing them

* Federate all staff around a common project

* Decompartmentalize hierarchical strata taking into account the problems of operational managers

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