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Hoshin deployment working groups should preferably be led by a facilitator outside the professional , social and emotional environment of the people who participate in the think tanks.


- Avoids conflicts arising from emotional reactions

- Preserves individual and subjective sensitivities

- Easily resolves possible tangles in the event of disagreement

 The group leader must have charisma and be objective in dealing with the possible slippage of certain people.

His different "Knowledge" can be summarized as follows:

- Know : know the Hoshin method and semantics

- Know-how : long experience which allows it to adapt to always different issues

- Know how to be : recognized, representative for all, capable of federating, mastering conflicts

These qualities, in terms of know-how and skills, are essential to facilitate understanding and avoid misunderstandings and blockages between the different social, hierarchical levels ... of the participants

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