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The Hoshin deployment consists of three main stages:

1 - The preparatory stage which consists in taking into account the problems, identifying the environments and determining the objectives to be reached

2 - The participatory stage , made up of working groups, is the heart of the system. The preparatory stage having made it possible to define groups according to specific criteria (selection matrix), these groups meet to work according to two methods:

 - Affinity diagram allows operational staff to respond, on the basis of facts, to the problem that has been raised. These facts are first clarified, then classified and finally prioritized to identify the major problem

 - Tree diagram allows, on the basis of performance indicators, affinity diagrams, or both at the same time, to define improvement solutions which are valued on several criteria. These solutions are grouped by analogy to define one or more major guidelines for the progress process

3 - The implementation stage uses the previous elements to deploy the improvement plan according to the Deming wheel principle (PDCA), project management (QQOQCP / Action - Responsibles - Deadlines / PERT ...), Lean, the six sigma…

 Monitoring indicators measure the evolution of the improvement and launch refocusing actions in the event of a drift

Each of these steps is Validated before moving to the next step and integrates the specific communication at every level of project progress

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